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  • Fresh & Clean Lifestyle at Urban Style Flats

    The trash chutes were an issue in the past but we have made this one of our top priorties. We are now under contract with a trash chute maintenance company who installed odor-elimination systems. As well, we replaced all of our compactors and dumpsters with brand new units, eliminating years of built-up garbage and odors. […]

  • New Elevator Maintenance Contract

    The elevators are now under a new maintenance contract. We also have a backup company if there is ever a delay in response with our primary vendor. Additionally, we are slowly replacing old systems as needed, so reliability will continue to improve. We have stepped up our efforts to make USF a better place for […]

  • Top Notch Pest Control

    We have heard the complaints from our residents and we are making huge changes. Yes, pest control has been an ongoing challenge, but we have stepped it up. As of September 2014, we have a new pest control vendor. They have been completing regular preventative treatment of the entire building, and we have seen a […]